My name is Andrew Fiorillo. I build backend web services for Delivery Hero My team’s projects have ranged from a performance image service, to an analytics-focused customer feedback system. I studied Physics and Applied Maths in university and wrote my undergraduate thesis on edge-detection with Raman micro-spectroscopy.

I have over eight years of experience writing software. I prefer writing in Python and Go, but I am always happy to talk about other projects where I’ve used Java, Fortran, etc. Ultimately, if the requirements demand optimizing/rewriting a BASIC Mie scattering simulator sparsely commented in Portuguese, as my thesis advisor demanded once upon a time, then you can bet I’ll be able to give a keynote on modern FreeBASIC and bring pastel de nata to the presentation.

I love talking about projects I’ve done for work, so feel free to reach out if you’re curious. A few examples I’m particularly proud of are: a purpose-built cluster computing system, computer vision algorithms for cancer prognostics, a global customer feedback service, a customer-care deflection and issue resolution service, and a few super-fast image servers. I also have a handful of pet projects hosted on my Github, but I’m moving more towards Gitlab.

Outside of STEM, I’ve worked all kinds of jobs from baking to teaching. In particular, I worked for iD Tech Camps for several years. Between Stanford and Princeton, from full-time instruction to camp management, I worked directly with over one thousand students. It taught me that everyone benefits from public speaking, a sense of humor, and a healthy helping of linear algebra.